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How Does A Multi Head Weigher Work

Jun 29,2022

The emergence of Shanghai shigan multi head weigher has brought great convenience to the food, electronics and hardware industries. Because of the rapid weighing, high efficiency and accuracy, the multi head weigher has gradually attracted people's attention. So, do you want to know how the multi head weigher works? You can read the following to understand!



How Does A Multi Head Weigher Work:

1.The hoist feeds through the loading tray to concentrate the material on the main vibration plate, and then through the vibration of the main vibration plate, the material is evenly distributed on the main vibration plate to the linear vibration plate.


2. When the material in the loading tray is not enough or not detected by the material level photodetector, it sends a signal to the main board, and then feeds the feeding signal to the elevator through the main board.


3. The vibration of the line vibrator sends the material to each buffer hopper through the amplitude and line vibration feeding time.


4, stepper motor work, open the buffer bucket to send the material in the bucket to the weighing bucket, when the combined weighing bucket is discharged or when the material in the weighing bucket is not enough, the material in the buffer bucket will automatically flow into Weighing in the bucket.


5. The material is in the weighing hopper, and the weight signal is generated by the sensor, processed into a digital signal by the AD module and transmitted to the main board of the Henggang intelligent control device through the data bus.


6, the CPU on the main board reads and records the weight of each weighing hopper, and then calculates, analyzes, combines, filters, selects the combined weighing hopper that is close to the target weight, and issues the combined weighing scale. Good material ready signal for ready discharge.


7, when the CPU receives the allowable discharge signal from the packaging machine, the CPU issues a command to start the drive to drive the stepper motor to open the selected weighing bucket to unload the material into the chute into the collecting hopper. The collecting hopper directly enters the packaging machine and sends a discharge signal to the packaging machine that has been discharged.


8. After the weighing bucket is discharged, the buffer bucket will feed the weighing bucket in time, weigh it, and combine it to prepare for the next discharge.


The above content is how the multi head weigher works, thank you for your support, if there are other questions, you can contact our customer service online!