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Hardware Screw Accessories Packaging Machine Needed By Furniture Factory
Aug 09, 2018

The hardware screw fitting packaging machine required by the furniture factory is a combined packaging equipment, which can be packaged in a single bucket, or can be combined and packaged in a variety of different styles of screws, a part of which is a plurality of filling parts, and equipped with six vibrating tray feeders. It can be used in combination with one, two, three, etc. The other part is a screw packing machine that automatically completes the packaging work. The screw packing machine can be used to package electronic components, small hardware parts, etc., such as: gaskets, nails, bolts, Nuts, screws, electronic components.

Hardware Screw Accessories Packaging Machine Picture:



Hardware Screw Accessories Packaging Machine Features:

1. Controller Chinese character display.

2. Intelligent photoelectric color mark positioning control system.

3. The side-opening protective baffle with good visibility is safe to operate.

4. The bag making system adopts the stepping motor subdivision technology, and the bag making precision is high, and the error is less than 1 mm.

5. Four-way heating control of heat sealer, each side of the seal can be separately tempered; the heat balance is good, the sealing quality is guaranteed, and it is suitable for a variety of packaging materials.

6. The vibration counting device of the packaging machine is advanced and novel, the multi-disk is multi-directional vibration, the amplitude can be adjusted steplessly according to the specification and filling accuracy of the material, and the high-precision counting is realized, and the number of discs is six stations.

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