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Food Packaging Machine Ready To Go

Jun 30,2022

With the development and changes of the times, the food packaging machines of Shanghai Shigan Industrial Co., Ltd. are developing better and better in the industry. With the development and progress of the times, the health requirements for food are also constantly improving. At the same time, the food packaging machine industry is also facing constant changes and technological updates. As a member of the food packaging industry, Shanghai Shigan Industrial Co., Ltd. is constantly developing and developing new high-quality products to meet the needs of the market. Let's take a pellet food packaging machine as an example to discuss the market potential of food packaging machines.


            As consumers' standards for food and their health and safety are getting higher and higher, traditional granule food production and production methods are facing a major change. People not only demand good food, but also clean and safe. With the continuous improvement of consumption levels, granular food has brought convenience to people. According to statistics from the statistics, the consumption of domestic pellet food accounts for less than 5% of domestic tea consumption, and the pellet food market has broad room for development.


            Due to the characteristics of the molding process, the granular food packaging machine has higher requirements than other packaging machinery in terms of automation, production efficiency, measurement and packaging precision. It needs to complete the transmission of inner bag filter paper, outer bag paper, label paper, and packaged materials. A series of functions such as metering and filling, bag making, hanging wire, adhesive label or nail aluminum nail, photoelectric registration, automatic counting and cartoning. Therefore, the granule food packaging machine has a very large market potential, a broad market and good development prospects. At the same time, it also shows that the food packaging machine market has good development prospects.


           China itself is a country that is very particular about eating. From the word “Man Han Xi”, we can see that people can eat happily, have fun, and eat well. We Shanghai Shigan Industrial Co., Ltd. must be in food packaging machine. The industry makes its own most sincere contribution.