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Does The Linear Weigher Refer To The Granule Packing Machine? Why Is It Called Linear Weigher?
Dec 21, 2018

1. Linear weigher is a kind of weighing, which is added together as a set of data according to the weight of several scales. If a customer uses ten heads to pack 300 grams of granules, then each weighing head weighs about 100 grams, and the computer will select three heads from the 10 heads. The closest to 300 grams together, then the three heads will be blank. It should be easy to understand some of this.

2. Linear weigher does not refer to the granule packing machine. The linear weigher is called the scale, but it is only used for weighing. It can be called granules or a sheet-like product. The granule packing machine also has a measuring cup type, which is a container with a bottle shape. The capacity inside is the number of grams required by the customer, and there will be errors. Customers who use linear scales are generally required to have a very small margin of error. Generally, there is no need for a small amount of cups.

3. In the second point, the two types of packaging machines are relatively different in price. If they are said to be ten heads, they are generally more than 100,000 yuan sets, and the automatic loading machine is packaged. The measuring cup type granule packing machine is generally about 20,000 yuan or so, and the automatic feeding machine is only 30,000 yuan.

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