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Chocolate Moon Cake Pillow Packaging Machine

Jun 29,2022

Today, let's take a look at this chocolate moon cake pillow packaging machine from Shanghai. This machine is designed for packaging all kinds of solid and regular block materials. For the dispersed materials, the package should be placed in the box first. Inside, make it form a regular whole before it can be packaged. It is mainly used for moon cakes, breads, biscuits, fruits, candy, medicines, daily necessities, hardware parts, cartons, plastic products or various types of solid shape and regular items with trays.

Features of Chocolate Mooncake Pillow Packing Machine:

1: Touch mode man-machine interface control, parameter setting is convenient and fast, high speed.

2: The packaging machine adopts photoelectric tracking technology, digital input, and the sealing and cutting position is accurate.

3: The fault is diagnosed by itself and the alarm is displayed.

4: Constant temperature adjustment, intelligent control, can adapt to a variety of packaging materials.

5: The packaging machine adopts double frequency conversion control, the bag length is set and cut, one step is in place, saving labor and film.