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Checkweighers Help These Industries Solve The Problem Of Manual Loss At The End Of The Year

Jun 27,2022

In December 2018, most enterprises will face difficulties in recruiting labor. It is difficult to increase production efficiency, and it is difficult to increase production efficiency. At the same time, it may face the risk of order delay compensation. The rise of automation equipment has solved many enterprise labor problems, especially the birth of dynamic automatic checkweigher machines, which enables the weight detection to be automated, monitor the quality problems of the production lines, and create a good brand image for the enterprise.


If you are these companies, you have to add dynamic automatic checkweigher machines to deal with the manual loss of hard work, to avoid manual loss seriously affecting the progress of production orders, of course, you can also choose to add an automatic check weighing machine. Which companies have added automatic checkweighers to save a lot of labor for enterprises?


1. Food and beverage industry

The weight of products to be tested in the food and beverage industry involves individual products, single-box products, whole-bag products, and full-box products. If a single product fails to meet the standard, single-box, whole-bag, and full-box will definitely fail to meet the standard. And Shanghai Shigan Company's customized automatic checkweigher can realize the one-key switching of different product weight detection. As long as the product parameters to be detected by the production line are set, the function of checking the weight of the products without stopping the machine can be realized, and one machine is multi-purpose and easy to operate. More intimate.

automatic checkweigher for food beverage industry


2. Pharmaceutical health care industry

The pharmaceutical and healthcare industry produces a wide variety of products. Compared with food and beverage, the pharmaceutical and healthcare industry also needs to check whether the single-box products lack instructions. Because the correct method of taking these products has a direct relationship with the efficacy of the products, excessive or too little is taken. It may lead to the inability of the product to function, and may cause adverse reactions. Therefore, the addition of automatic checkweighing machines in the pharmaceutical and healthcare industry can reduce many unnecessary troubles, reduce labor costs and increase production efficiency.

Pharmaceutical health care industry checkweigher

3. Daily chemical industry

The daily chemical industry produces skin care products, masks, cosmetics, toiletries, etc. Each type of product has a variety of specifications. For example, the use of manual checkweighing, the efficiency of automated production lines may be stuck in the weighing process. The automatic checkweigher customized by Shanghai Shigan can set multiple check weight parameters. When detecting different specifications, only one key can be switched to the corresponding parameters to realize automatic check, and the unqualified products are alarm or automatic rejection. Can be tailored to the needs of customers.

checkweigher for daily chemical industry

Whether your company is in the above three industries, as long as you can find the quality problems that can be found by accurately measuring the weight, you can consider applying Shanghai Shigan's automatic check weighing machine to help solve the problem. It can reduce labor costs for enterprises and protect the quality of automated production lines!