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Application Of Automatic Checkweigher In The Pharmaceutical Industry

Jun 28,2022

With the advancement of the times, people's requirements for quality are advancing with the times. The automatic checkweigher produced by our company is an essential weighing and testing equipment for the pharmaceutical industry. It can perform high-precision continuous and dynamic detection on packaging line drugs. And the products with unqualified weight are eliminated; the automatic checkweighing scale can effectively improve the qualified rate of production quality and play a role in the supervision and management of drugs. Therefore, it is necessary to configure the automatic checkweigher for the production line of the pharmaceutical factory.

Shanghai Shigan automatic checkweigher is made of 304 stainless steel, which meets various safety regulations for food and drug production. It will not produce harmful substances for long-term use. The belt adopts imported food grade PU belt, and the mechanical safety is good, easy to clean and disassemble. It can avoid artificial contact with drugs to a greater extent and ensure the hygiene of the products.

Checkweighers can be used for the following types of medicines:

1. Boxed medicines: less board / less grain / less manual / less accessories, heavy weight, overweight detection, etc.

2. Bagged granules: small amount / empty package automatic rejection / Chinese medicine medicine bag / automatic weighing detection.

3. Bottled medicine: less grain / less gasket / / less desiccant underweight and heavy weight detection.

4. Detection of the whole box of drugs: overweight / ultra-light / missing parts / missing bottles / lack of support / automatic rejection of unqualified products.

Our automatic checkweigher has many styles and models. There are different styles of automatic checkweighers for different product sizes and weights. For more information, please contact us, thank you for your support!


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