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A Wonderful Review Of The 2017 Annual Meeting

Jun 27,2022

The upcoming 2018 annual meeting, our company's friends are also actively preparing for the annual meeting. Last year’s annual conference program was vivid, so let me take a look back.

Shanghai Shigan held its annual meeting on January 27, 2018. For each of our employees, the program was prepared for the employees. Every day, they rehearsed. Although they worked hard, they all enjoyed it. The company praised it. Excellent staff, awarded the trophy, also selected excellent programs, and prepared the surprise of the golden egg. Let's show you the wonderful moment of Shanghai Real Annual Meeting:

The first to play is our super handsome and super beautiful host:

Here is the speech from our boss and manager:

There are also outstanding employees to award awards. I really want to go up, I must do it well this year. I must also stand on the podium at this year's annual meeting. Do you know why? Because the award-winning parents can receive the trophy and the general letter from the company, as well as filial piety, I feel so good.

Dance "Freak Dance" dance and music are all we have to guide ourselves, so talented, everyone guess which is Shendao.

This is our annual meeting * program essay "winning" really played too much, so that now come back to see them in the Chinese New Year, I still can't play the role, watching them feel the expression in the essay is super Jintai words.

There is also a golden egg lottery session, everyone can be jealous, everyone has a surprise, super happiness.

Because the length is too long, I will review these first. Yes, at this year's annual meeting, we invited the big brother of photography. The whole process of recording and shooting is wonderful and endless. Warmly welcome to our company, the company specializes in the production of automatic checkweighers, online checkweighers, weight sorting machines and other industrial automation equipment.

Work together with Shanghai to create a better tomorrow.