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Powder weighing and filling machine

The powder weighing and filling machine is a device specially designed for dispensing powder. This machine is made by experienced designers with stable machine operation, low noise, small size and light weight....

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Powder weighing and filling machine is suitable to fill the powders into bottles,cans,and bags. The filling mouth is adjustable according to different containers.



Powder Weighing Filling Machine

Powder Weighing Filling Machine

Powder weighing and filling machine can complete the measuring, filling etc. Because the original design, it more suitable for packing the easy flow or poor liquidity of powder and granular materials, such as veterinary medicine, powder granular additives, sugar, cotton, sugar glucose, monosodium glutamate, solid beverage, solid medicine, carbon powder,  etc


Powder weighing and filling machine Features :

Adopt the hybrid stepper motor control--high speed and accuracy

The whole cast aluminum head-- good lstability

Weigh  and disply at the same time--easy operate

Professional electrostatic spraying process---looks more beautiful

Strong and weak electric isolation--stabler

Full stainless steel material

Weight feedback and proportion track to materials, which overcomes difficulties of filling weight changes due to materials’ density change.

Quick disconnecting hopper could be washed easily without tools

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