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Checkweigher With Metal Detector Combo

The metal detector and the weight detector are integrated together, and the product weight and missing metal are detected in the last link of the inner packaging, which greatly improves the safety and reliability of production and effectively saves production space.


Checkweigher with Metal Detector combo machine is an on-line inspection equipment specially degigned fro fully automatic packaging lines.


It can not only achieve accurate control of product weight and detect metal ,but also automatic remove products with unqualified weight and foreign objects from the production line.


Small space used, it is the most effective solution for end-of-line inspection and quality control. 


Basic parameters:



Weighing Range



±0.1g(Depends on products )

Minimum scale


Max speed



Limited of product






Above 3 mm

Operation method

Touch operation

Operation interface

7inch touch screen

From Ground to Belt



From left to right or from right to left

Machine structure


Power Supply

AC110V/220V 50-60HZ    


 About 100W

Gross Weight


Remarks: The machine specifications and dimensions in the above table are standard models. Other dimensions and special requirements can be customized.


Main features

1. Lightweight structure, small footprint, convenient connection with the production line, high detection sensitivity, convenient operation; it can save the production line space to the greatest extent and realize more quality control.

2. Advanced technology, applying the latest multi-frequency detection technology, material effect automatic elimination technology, automatic balance technology and adaptive adjustment technology to bring the equipment the industry's simplest operation, the best environmental adaptability and stability.

3. All stainless steel shock-proof and shock-absorbing structure is designed and manufactured to ensure long-term stability and service life.

4. It can record detection parameters suitable for 100 different products, avoiding detection errors caused by manual differences, and avoiding downtime for product replacement.

5. The low power consumption design and the fully sealed design and the structure of the equipment ensure the protection effect of the electronic control part, which reaches the protection level of IP65 and has a service life of more than 15 years.


Main Spare part list :



Load cell

German HBM

Conveyor Belt

Habster, Switzerland

Machine material




This Checkweigher With Metal Detector Combo is widely used in food, pharmaceutical, chemical, textile, clothing, toys, rubber and other fields to detect the weight and metal after packaging. It is the first choice for HACCP certification in the food industry and GMP certification in the pharmaceutical industry.


Why choose us?

Shanghai Shiqian has many years of experience in testing equipment manufacturing. The checkweigher with metal detector combo designed and developed by our company helps to ensure product safety to the greatest extent. While reducing production tolerance and cost pressure, ensuring the safety of products and production processes requires production efficiency. , A solution that compromises the balance between OEE and reliability. Shanghai Shigan's checkweigher with Metal detector combo and end-of-line solutions can ensure that the safety and transparency of your company’s product production process have been met by CGMP requirements. This series of checkweighers and metal detector adopts a multi-language touch screen design, which is easy to use, and can quickly perform product conversion, which significantly reduces operator errors. The smooth surface is easy to clean and the conveyor belt can be changed quickly. In addition, it also has a variety of functions to provide a wide range of connection solutions.


Packaging & Delivery

Each machine will undergo rigorous testing before it leaves the factory, and will be packaged and shipped after passing the test. The surface of the checkweigher and metal detection machine will be covered with a layer of plastic film, and a detailed installation and operation manual will be placed, and the shock-absorbing material will be filled after it is placed in the wooden box to avoid impact during transportation and affect accuracy. Finally, carefully sealed the wooden box. According to customer requirements, choose land, sea or air transportation. There will be specialists to track logistics information during the transportation of goods.

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